Capacity Planning in one collaborative system

Capacity Planning in one collaborative system

Automatic Assignment

The automatic assignment algorithm takes into account a list of factors and underlying assignment rules when assigning rotations to trainees:

  • Program and trainee curriculum
  • Program constraints and preferences
  • Trainee constraints and preferences
  • Rotation capacity
  • On-call requirements
  • Prerequisites
  • Teaching pyramid (proper mix of teaching skills)

The automatic assignment algorithm will maximize the number of trainee assignments while respecting the assignment rules and constraints.


After automatic assignment, the rotation schedule can be viewed and adjusted using rotation schedule views.

Assignments can be also modified manually in the rotation schedule by keeping the rules and constraints enforced.

The Trainee Schedule view facilitates assignment of trainee specific rotations as well as easy access to rotation capacities.

Program Coordinator

Hospital / Site Coordinator


Trainee & Preceptor


This collaborative system enables collection of data from all parties involved and produces an optimal schedule based on hospital capacity, learner preferences, and hospital & program requirements.

Algorithm-based scheduling ensures that the needs of the university curriculum and of the learner’s are matched with hospital capacity.