Introducing our newest module

Competency Based Education made easy


  • Easily import and define Learning Paths
  • Quickly manage learner’s individual learning objectives in a few simple steps
  • Effortlessly update and adjust master templates or add customizable evaluation templates
  • Simply modify an evaluation template and propagate the change when a new evaluation is generated

Powerful and Intuitive

  • Quick onboarding process; you will be up and running without major configuration headaches in no time
  • Learner progress is calculated automatically. The system outlines the EPAs and Stages where the requirements are met and automatically marks them as “ready for review”
  • Conveniently request and complete evaluations using the mobile interface


  • Designed to collect, summarize and deliver the most useful information
  • Produces clear, concise and accessible data
  • Reporting function instantaneously provides you with what you need to know, such as: Learner Summary Report, Stage Reports, EPA Summary Reports, EPA Milestone Reports, Evaluations Data Extract, and many other real-time reports.

Designed by industry professionals to
ensure compliance and learner excellence.

Medicine is complicated.

The software that supports medical education doesn’t have to be.

Learning Plan

Tracking Competencies

Standardized or Personalized Plan

  • Learning Plan can be built or imported, the Individual Learning Path defaulted according to program definition
  • Dynamic Learning Plan design/ taxonomy, easy to change
  • The hierarchy of EPA’s is grouped under Stages and each EPA has assigned Milestones, Contextual Variables and Assessment Requirements


  • Fill-out assessments, progress is calculated instantly
  • Sample of Royal College Assessment Requirements:
    • – Direct or indirect observation by supervisor
    • – Collect 3 observations of achievement
    • – At least one direct observation
    • – At least one faculty/staff observer
    • – At least 2 categories

Automatically measured in MedSIS3C


  • Real-time monitoring of program minimum requirements
  • Option to add additional individual requirements when necessary
  • Promote Trainees between Stages, EPA Achieved and Approved Statuses fully controlled by the Competency Committee


  • Evaluation Editor
  • Program Learning Path
  • EPA Definition/Requirements
  • Competency Committees
  • Individual Learning Path Dashboard
  • Evaluation Workflow
  • Mobile Interface
  • Progress Reports


  • Time Saving and Minimum Overhead
  • Mobile App with instant notifications and links
  • Reporting – full information collated in the Learner Summary Report
  • Dynamic Learner Dashboard – updates as forms are completed

The system is versatile enough to accommodate all programs within a university, as well as welcoming single programs.