MedSIS 3C is an all-encompassing health science information system servicing programs for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, graduate studies, dentistry, midwifery, nursing and physiotherapy.


Calculate admissions for any program. Import from a third-party admissions information, as well as calculations, interview information, rankings and decision information.

Letter of Good Standing

Collect learner information from existing university registration system. Administrators generate Letters of Good Standing after mandatory requirements are met.

Course Management

Create Learner Groups for scheduling purposes; create courses and manage curriculum; create events / sessions, post learning resources / objectives, assign Learners and preceptors to each event.

Rotation Management

Define Rotations set up at the Program/Department level; learners are able to view rotation schedules and assigned teachers.

Course, Track Scheduling

Complete scheduling by entering a curriculum into the system; learners are assigned to programs, year levels and registered for courses; rotations are set up based on timeframe blocks, hospitals, and learners.


Evaluation forms can be programmed to be dynamic, pulling scheduling information directly from course and rotation scheduling and populating sections of a form.

Longitudinal Experiences

Administrators have the ability to match Teachers with Learners automatically for Longitudinal Experiences based on matching criteria (area – geographic location, language, and transportation method and specialty interest).

Flags for Low Performance

Flag non-compliant and low performance evaluations.

Case Logs

Learners are able to complete and submit online Procedure Log entries and view their log history; mandatory logs are indicated to the Learner; teachers named in the case log can approve case logs and see the history of logs they have approved.

Incident Reporting

Professionalism tracking is available in MedSIS. Includes professionalism incident reporting, accolade reporting and professionalism in courses. Dashboards and alert are available for administrative tracking, as well as an acknowledgment process of professionalism incidents.

Curriculum Management

Keyword search at the course, week or event level. Searches course overviews, objectives and titles. Users of the MedSIS 3C system have the ability to search the curriculum for keywords and export data for program assessment. Electives experiences can also be added in MedSIS 3C.


Monitor and address minor and major lapses identified on the Learner professionalism forms. This module includes the following functionalities: dashboards, alerts, form management, supplementary form generation and reports.

Electives Management

Electives catalogue lists all electives and corresponding supervisors, learners’ ability to register/request electives. Approve elective requests. Track learners’ elective progress. Enter elective objective and generate evaluations for elective experience.

Reporting BI

Allows for customized reporting on a variety of items such as admission, registration evaluations, scores, enrollment, MSRP, TES, LOGS reports.

Curriculum Mapping NEW

Map between curriculum events and taxonomy elements: keywords and objectives. Extract curriculum events from the course schedule. Generate the Curriculum Inventory Report used for accreditation.

MedSIS 3C uses automatic curriculum analysis and term indexing based on powerful AI algorithms,  that enables Health Science Schools to perform highly accurate and objective analytics of their curriculum. MedSIS 3C is designed to scan course content stored in HTML or common file types like DOC, PDF, PPT. Such content can be extracted from Blackboard or a similar LMS.

Tool capabilities:

  • map events to Standard (Physician Competencies Reference Set, UMLS)
  • map events to MeSH Term
  • map events by UMLS Concept Unique Identifier
  • map events by MeSH Descriptor Unique Identifier
Rotations Assignment

Assign abilities manually or automatically. Rotations for clerks are managed through MedSIS 3C.


Integrate with a variety of external sources such as CaRMS, CPS and CMPA, and exports files.

Business Intelligence

Perform data analysis using Knowledge4You’s OLAP software module; create/build own reports using Knowledge4You’s OLAP software.

Marks Module

Configure and compute marks at the course level.

User Roles and Security

Securely control functions available to each user.


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